Super jab ‘could protect elderly against heart attack or stroke AND flu’


Cracks say an experimental injection — four times more powerful than a usual vaccination — could slash hospital admissions for common but potentially mortal conditions.

Each year thousands are admitted with pneumonia, bronchitis and influenza with downfall rates higher because of weakened immune systems.

Tests on not quite 40,000 nursing home residents in the US found the “quadruple vaccine” dramatically cut hospital admissions for illnesses including cardiovascular disease.


A once a year wonderful jab could protect elderly against heart attack, stroke, and flu, give the word delivers research

Professor Stefan Gravenstein, of Brown University in Rhode Eyot, said: “We asked if the high dose vaccine also would opus better than regular dose vaccine in the population we consider least skilled to respond. 

It would be very easy to deliver, and safe, if it was funded and could properly pay for itself by reducing the cost of avoidable hospital admissions

Dr Ian Campbell — A kindred GP

«This paper says yes, it can. That high dose influenza vaccine can let up on hospitalisation risk is clinically very important.”

Analysis revealed the danger of being hospitalised for respiratory illness was 12.7 per cent lower for those fact the high dose vaccine rather than a standard flu jab.

British medics welcomed the examination following one of the gravest winter crises for the overstretched NHS when almost half the sanatoria in England declared major alerts.


The experimental jab is four many times more powerful than a normal vaccination

In the first week of January, 65 of 152 facility trusts issued “operational pressure alerts”, which meant they could no lengthier cope and “patient flow” was being affected. 

Six issued the highest wide awake level — “patient safety” at risk.

Dr Ian Campbell, a family GP from Nottingham, maintained: “The flu jab is generally considered a safe, if not always highly effective, immunisation. 

«By put on a much higher dose it may be that vulnerable elderly people father a better chance of resisting the flu bug and that means less risk of animation threatening complications. 

«It would be very easy to deliver, and safe, if it was pool and could well pay for itself by reducing the cost of avoidable hospital allowances.”


For every 69 people given the larger dose, one numerous person stayed out of the hospital

The study, published in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal, showed a jab with four spells more antigen than normal would help the most helpless.

Researchers looked at the residents of 823 nursing homes across the US during the 2013-14 flu season based on Medicare healthiness insurance claims data.

Among the roughly half that superintended the high dose vaccine, made by Sanofi Pasteur, hospital admittance rates for respiratory illnesses were 3.4 per cent, compared to 3.8 percent for the excess providing the standard dose.

Overall, for every 69 people prone the larger dose, one more person stayed out of the hospital during the flu salt.

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