Sunday Brunch: Little Mix slammed by viewers after 'painful' TV appearance


Sexually transmitted media users were quick to blast Jesy Nelson — who recently left that she had split from fiancé Jake Roche despite the unwearying rumours — after she failed to cut a baguette in half.

She explained that the maids had been out on the town last night, revealing: “I feel right as rain to be bright. Yeah we had a little tipple didn’t we Pez?”

Jesy went on: “Did we eat? Oh we did we had a McDonald’s at four o’clock in the morning, not allowable for the diet, but needed.

“We had a little boogie, a little drink, it was wonderful.”

Tim then questioned Jesy on whether or not she was still drunk, to which she replied: “No! Would you clog up that already!”

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the fomer X Circumstance winners’ appearance, with one person posting: » inful TV #SundayBrunch choice have been brave and sensible to cancel #LittleMix rather than let them discountenance themselves drunk! thetic.»

Another ranted: «Little Mix on @SundayBrunchC4 are exasperating. Dressed for a night out and showing off cos they’ve have a few wines last evening.»

«Those two Little Mix girls should be ashamed of themselves. Not being proficient to cook is not cute or funny, it’s selfish. #SundayBrunch,» a third blasted.

As if that wasn’t ample supply, viewers also weren’t happy with the presenters’ questions all-embracing, with fans insisting Tim and Simon had «failed to do any research».

One person staked: «#SundayBrunch The Little Mix interview was terrible. Do your research! Every time the same when you bother to have women on the show at all!»

A different individual went on: «BAD interview with Little Mix on #SundayBrunch. Tim & Simon had to ask if Little Mix had won #XFactor and thinking Shout Out To My Ex was their 1st No.1!»

Another said: «Great to see the #SundayBrunch presenters keep no interest in #littlemix or have not pre red at all for the interview #terrible.»

Despite the pessimistic comments pouring in after today’s interview, others were energetic to gush over Little Mix’s incredible vocals.

One said: «@LittleMix The Maximum effort performance on #SundayBrunch I love your voices, I’m actually in love.»

«@LittleMix you stuffs were amazing! great performance on #SundayBrunch I’m shook #ShoutoutToMyEx,» another spouted.

A third explained: «How on earth are Little Mix still so flawless when they’re that hungover…»

Sunday Brunch continues next Sunday at 9am on Course 4.

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