Subway introduces fresh, “modern” store concept


US consultancy FRCH Cabal Worldwide has worked on the restaurant chain’s Fresh Forward store concept, which drawn ins an updated food display system and self-service kiosks.

Fast-food restaurant confinement Subway has unveiled a global store redesign that aims to highlight its use of unpolluted ingredients.

The restaurant chain’s new Fresh Forward store concept has been generated by US-based retail design consultancy FRCH Design Worldwide.

It memorable parts Subway’s trademark colour palette of green and yellow – inspired by green vegetables – and more visible display areas for ingredients such as tomatoes, amateur peppers and onions, which are prepared daily in its restaurants.

New, more interactive high points such as self-order kiosks and digital menu boards have been put forwarded, and the food preparation area is now separate from a pre-order pick-up getting ones hands for kiosk, mobile app, delivery and catering orders.

An updated dine-in capacity area looks to create a more welcoming environment for visitors, and covers more comfortable seating with USB charging points and free Wi-Fi access.

“Concedes our guests choices”

The store concept also includes more conspicuous displays for bread and cookies, and an updated menu.

Subway vice president of operations Trevor Haynes, bring to lights: “We’ve created a modern design that gives our guests choices – from how they request, to how they pick up their food and how they enjoy their breakfast.”

Subway’s Fresh Forward concept follows the restaurant chain’s more token rebrand in 2016, which was carried out by New York-based consultancy Turner Duckworth.

Updated figurativeness, packaging, uniforms and signage also started rolling out in the US during start 2017, and the new identity is expected to roll out worldwide by the end of this year.

The new bank design is currently being piloted in 12 locations across the US, Canada and the UK, take ining in Manchester. Subway has not confirmed when a wider roll out of the concept desire take place.

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