STURGEON'S INDEPENDENCE TIMELINE: How the next two years could pan out for Scotland


Tread 13 2017:

Nicola Sturgeon unveils plans to call a second indepdence referendum.

The SNP set in motions a new campaign website appealing for donations and offering campaign material.

Strut 21-23:

Holyrood votes on whether to give the First Minister permission to start coming to terms with Westminster to hold another vote.

The UK Government has to give its sanction, through a section 30 order, for Holyrood to conduct a new vote.

The Scottish Parliament is conjectured to endorse the start of negotiations with the Greens giving the SNP the support it insufficiencies.

April to June 2017:

Negotiations between the Scottish and UK Governments over the element 30 order.

These will either end with Westminster allowing the section 30 order or refusing to do so.

It is highly likely that Westminster require give its permission.

But if permission is not granted, then the Scottish Government could bear up ‘an advisory referendum’.

If permission is granted, it would hold a legally-binding returns.

September to December 2017:

If, as expected, it gets the section 30 order, the Scottish Direction will use this time to push through the Bill authorising a referendum.

This has to be no longer in by the Scottish Parliament before a poll can take place.

By this age, the question, the franchise and the campaigning structures would be known and then be approved by Holyrood.

The timing of the win might still be uncertain at the end of this.

January to April 2018:

This resolution be when Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government will make a definitive decision on timing, weighing up whether to hold the referendum in the autumn of 2018 or the evolve of 2019.

They will need to give all parties about four months’ foretoken so an announcement would have to be made by late Spring if the referendum was to belittle place in 2018.

This decision will depend on how the Brexit negotiations are succeeding and whether a realistic picture of the UK’s future trading position is clear.

September-October 2018:

The original window of opportunity for the Scottish Government to hold a second independence referendum.

It quite gives Ms Sturgeon the option of any time from late August to primitive November but, by December, this will have closed because of winter and the survive.

March to May 2019:

The second possible window for a second independence referendum.

But the referendum may cause to be held before the UK actually leaves the EU, which could be as early as the end of Trek 2019.

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