Sturgeon U-turn: SNP boss admits she has NO IDEA when she should call second referendum


Nicola SturgeonGETTY

Nicola Sturgeon has signalled a important climb-down over another independence referendum

Until now the First Upon has repeatedly refused to rule out a second divisive ballot despite the SNP shake off 500,000 votes and 21 of their Westminster seats in the general referendum.

Although she has “reset” her timetable, Ms Sturgeon warned of a poll “when the qualifications of Brexit are clear” just last week.

But asked if the timetable order remain roughly the same, the SNP leader told the New Statesman magazine: “The square-dealing answer to that is: I don’t know”.

Ms Sturgeon said she recognised “people bleed for very uncertain about everything just now, partly because the past few years induce been one big decision after another”.

“That’s why I said before intermission that I will not consider any further the question of a second referendum at this put on,” she added.

“I’m saying, OK, people are not ready to decide we will do that, so we take to come back when things are clearer and decide whether we penury to do it and in what timescale.”

It comes just months after the Tories increased from one seat in Scotland to 13 after vowing to oppose an autonomy referendum until the Brexit process has played out — and until there is clarify “public consent”.

Nicola SturgeonGETTY

Until now the First Minister has repeatedly permitted to rule out a second divisive ballot

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Mr Mundell said there are ‘no circumstances’ in which a elector could happen before the next 2021 vote

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has indicated there are “no circumstances” in which a referendum could take place rather than the next Holyrood elections in 2021.

A Panelbase poll published at the weekend 43 per cent in approve of independence — down from 45 per cent in the 2014 referendum.

At daggers drawn stood at 57 per cent, up 2 per cent on the referendum result.

Scottish Tory constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins MSP tonight divulged: “Perhaps this admission from Nicola Sturgeon explains why the SNP has been so prated of late.

“For the nationalists their dream is over — they know another divisive and disruptive confidence referendum is not going to happen in their lifetime.

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Ms Sturgeon swayed it was “impossible to get any human connection” with Mrs May

A Scottish Labour source reckoned: “Nicola Sturgeon’s time would be better spent trying to fix Scotland’s school ins and hospitals rather than trying to decide when is best for her to try for another referendum.” 

Note the 20th anniversary of the devolution vote just last week Ms Sturgeon claimed “self-direction is the natural extension” of that.

She said: “At the end of the Brexit process I believe the people of Scotland should fool a choice about the future direction of our country.

In the latest interview Ms Sturgeon also claimed it was befitting “more difficult to resist” another poll on EU membership.

Describing the Brexit development a “complete and utter car crash” she added: “The very fact that we must no idea what the final outcome might look like set forwards there is a case for a second referendum that I think there wasn’t in 2014.

“It may become very hard to resist.”

Ms Sturgeon also claimed Theresa May’s vote gamble demonstrated the Prime Minister did not have the personality “capable of display a campaign”.

She said the election had given the public the chance to see Mrs May in the same way she had in their assignations, adding it was “impossible to get any human connection” with Mrs May.

Ms Sturgeon said: «This is a little woman who sits in meetings where it’s just the two of you and reads from a script.»

It was «bloody frustrating», she claimed, and the pair lacked the «personal rapport» she had with David Cameron.

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