Sturgeon talks about timing of second independence vote


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Nicola Sturgeon determination ‘restart the debate’ on Scottish independence this week

The SNP leader and Prime Minister said the publication of the document would offer the opportunity for a argue on Scotland’s future based on “ambition and hope”.

The commission, chaired by preceding SNP MSP Andrew Wilson, was set up in 2016 to look at economic policy options for an unbiased Scotland. It will make recommendations on monetary policy as well as the run the gamut of transitional cost and benefits associated with independence.

Reports deliver suggested the commission will back the creation of a Scottish currency.

Queried about the timing of a second independence referendum, Ms Sturgeon told ITV’s Peston on Sunday: “Sporadically we get some clarity, which hopefully we will in the autumn, about the Brexit sequel and the future relationship between the UK and the EU then I will consider again this in doubt of the timing of an independence referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon PA

Nicola Sturgeon says independence for Scotland is an opportunity

“I’m not succeeding to say more about that in advance of that moment arising. But of headway over the next couple of weeks we will, I suppose, restart a discuss about why independence for Scotland is an opportunity and what those opportunities are.

“As you comprehend we’ve had a growth commission looking at the economic opportunities of independence.

“Its report last will and testament be published in the coming days and I think that’s quite an important hour, because if you think about the last couple of years in the UK it has been exceedingly much a debate about how we cope with the damage of Brexit.

“What I improvise Scotland now has the opportunity to do is look at how we seize the opportunities that lie ahead – so a argument based very much on ambition and hope, not a debate that’s bottomed on despair which is how the Brexit debate so often feels.”

Ms Sturgeon repeated her avowal that the SNP would not be a block to a second referendum on the terms of the Brexit parcel out, and said there was still time for the UK and Scottish governments to secure an concurrence on vital Brexit legislation after the Scottish Parliament voted to restrain consent for the EU Withdrawal Bill.

“We’ve set out clearly what that would be lacking and if the Westminster government has the will to reach an agreement then certainly it can be done,” she state.

The Growth Commission’s report is expected to propose a gradual move for a new Scottish currency in the event of an independence vote. The Commission’s plan resolution see Scotland continue to use the pound on the day of separation but on an unofficial basis. There hand down then be a transition period to a new Scottish currency, pegged to sterling. 

Scottish Tory wherewithal spokesman Murdo Fraser MSP said: “The SNP Growth Commission has always been assorted about promoting independence than it was about growing the economy. 

“That being so it is no surprise that Nicola Sturgeon is using this report to on another push for indyref2.

“The plan to create a Scottish pound is thoroughly unworkable, and would be deeply damaging to our businesses trading with the place of the UK.”

Labour economy spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said: “The SNP’s Growth Commission is had to reboot the economic case for independence. It needs to reboot the economic altercation for the SNP staying in power.”

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