Sturgeon 'shifting goalposts' over independence with soft Brexit 'coalition' demand


The Opening Minister revealed she wants to form a “coalition” with Tory sky pilots who want to maintain tariff-free trade access to bloc with its 500 million trons as a priority.

But this appears to water down her previous demands to take under ones wing Scotland’s EU membership in the immediate aftermath of June’s Brexit vote.

Rearmost week the SNP leader appeared to suggest the UK leaving the single market could be a “red crocodile” that would trigger a new referendum, barely two years after Scots give someone the cold shouldered se ration.

European leaders have repeatedly insisted the UK must brook free movement of EU migrants in exchange for full membership of the single supermarket, but Prime Minister Theresa May has said the right to control immigration was not negotiable.

Scottish Work’s Europe spokesman Lewis Macdonald welcomed Ms Sturgeon’s commitment to cabling in the single market and working with other political rties to about this.

But he repeated calls for her administration to release release of details of EU talks midst a secrecy row over a series of Brussels meetings.

He added: “This is a clear-cut shifting of the goalposts from the First Minister, who initially said that supporting our full membership of the EU would be the only acceptable outcome, now it is only wide access to the single market.

“The people of Scotland deserve to know why the Earliest Minister is changing her tune.”

Earlier, Ms Sturgeon told BBC Scotland that she wants the UK to attired in b be committed to full membership of the single market, not just access, and her initial open-handed was to strengthen the hand of those in the UK Government who want a “soft Brexit”.

She about: “Can there be a coalition across the UK that gets the UK into a more intelligent position? I think that’s worth a good try because Theresa May, she was on the Detritus side, so presumably she knows the real risks of removal from the put market.”

“Let’s have a try at getting the UK, not into the best position – because the greatest position in my view would be continued membership of the EU – but let’s try and get the UK as a whole into the minute worst position and that means staying in the single market.”

Ms Sturgeon judged she would only turn to the option of independence if that initiative ignored.

She added: “That (independence) has to be an option that Scotland has to consider. Now does that exceptional Scotland would automatically and inevitably vote to be independent? No.”

Scottish Secretary David Mundell influenced Ms Sturgeon would have an important role to play in offering conceptions as rt of Brexit negotiations but stressed the UK Government would take the sur ss.

Asked if Ms Sturgeon could expect a “veto” over any position that emerges, he combined: “There isn’t going to be a veto for anyone in relation to the EU negotiations.”

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