Strictly Come Dancing 2018: ‘Shame on you’ Fans slam Seann and Katya It Takes Two apology


In whatever way, some viewers of the BBC Two programme found the appearance rather uncomfortable.

The twosome appeared on the Strictly Come Dancing spin off to discuss what had materialized with Zoe Ball.

In the chat, Katya told Zoe that she and husband Neil Jones were “marvellous” with each other while Seann became emotional as he discussed the letter penned by his now ex-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries.

But viewers were quick to travesty to Twitter and brand the whole thing as “awkward”.

No need for the humiliation

It Takes Two viewers

Others argued that it was a solitary matter that should not be played out on national television.

One viewer put in wrote: “ItTakesTwo why?. Just Why?. Why put these four people through this complete on tv. Nothing to do with the BBC, nothing to do with the viewers.”

“Amazed at the depth of hypocracy. It’s between them and their colleagues. No need for the humiliation,” another added.

“So erm, #ItTakesTwo was awkward…” a viewer imperial, while another chimed in: “Seann Walsh and Katya Jones Perilous!!!!!!#ItTakesTwo.”

“I thought we had stopped publicly stoning people along once upon a time ago the BBC should be ashamed of themselves putting them through that, I don’t correspond with what happened and feel for all involved but very badly treated #ItTakesTwo,” a fifth observed.

A sixth opined: “How excruciating — why are they being paraded similar kind monsters who need to be publicly flogged ? They may have been nitwit but it’s none of our business & certainly doesn’t merit trial by media. Coerce on you BBC #ItTakesTwo.”

Strictly Come Dancing Seann Katya

Strictly Come Dancing 2018: Seann and Katya seemed on It Takes Two today (Image: BBC)

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones

Strictly Come Dancing 2018: Seann lectured Rebecca Humphries’ statement (Image: BBC)

“I don’t understand why Seann and Katya didn’t exactly say it’s a private matter being dealt with by the people involved and they scarceness to move on instead of sitting there sombre barely looking at each other certifying the situation a hundred times more awkward #ItTakesTwo #Strictly,” a seventh shared.

On the contrast c embarrass, Katya apologised to those affected for what happened.

She told Zoe: “I apologise to each it hurt and it involved.

“But the main thing for me, is me and Neil are fine.

“I’m focussing on my job and doing it as a professionally as I can.”

Katya Jones Seann Walsh

Strictly Come Dancing 2018: Seann and Katya see fit return to the dance floor on Saturday (Image: KATYA JONES • INSTAGRAM)

Seann Walsh Katya Jones

Strictly Be involved a arise Dancing 2018: Viewers branded the interview as «awkward» (Image: BBC)

In the meantime, Seann addressed Rebecca’s statement on the matter by saying: “First of all I commitment rather not be having to address this publicly but I feel like I arrange to,” he began.

“I made a mistake which I am very sorry for, I’m sorry for the impair I caused, you never think about he extent of the damage you are going to do in the howler that you made.

“I am not perfect, far from it. Our relationship wasn’t perfect, that doesn’t unpleasant I wanted it to end the way it finally did,” he continued.

“I am very sorry for that. It is also material for me to say, the people who know me the most, who love me, know I am not the person I am being portrayed as.

“I’m that time sorry for what I did but it’s very important for me to get that out there.”

Strictly Be received b affect Dancing continues Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC One.

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