Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Susan Calman left ‘black and blue’ after awkward GAFFE


Susan, 42, and Kevin, 34, performed the Viennese Waltz to Mad Here The Boy by Dinah Washington on Saturday night’s first show of the latest Strictly Influence Dancing series.

The pair spoke out about their debut, with Susan describing the upstage as “the most incredible thing,” before she jokingly “forgot” Kevin’s tag.

The comedian gushed to Zoe Ball, 46: “It was the most incredible thing, it extremely was. It’s just the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Dancing with…Kevin…I draw a blanked your name for a moment there.”

She cheekily went on: “I’m trying to whereabouts the balance because everyone thinks I’m so excited to get him. Whatever.”

Susan CalmanBBC

Susan Calman arrived on Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two

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Susan chatted to host Zoe Ball alongside cavort partner Kevin Clifton

He [Kevin] offs me about, I can’t show you [but] I’m black and blue all over my body. Bruised ribs, the total from this, but it is fantastic

Susan Calman

Susan then withed to talk about performing the Charleston on tomorrow night’s show. Still, despite sharing her excitement, she did admit that rehearsals have been more readily tough.

She explained: “[I’m] loving it. It’s one of my favourite dances that I guard against on the show.

“He [Kevin] throws me about, I can’t show you [but] I’m black and blue all all about my body. Bruised ribs, everything from this, but it is fantastic.”

Susan’s past due appearance comes after she admitted she Davood Ghadami and Nadiya Bychkova

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Davood Ghadami and Nadiya Bychkova hoof ited the Cha-cha to Dedication To My Ex by Lloyd featuring Andre 3000

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Susan had Zoe in stitches as she wisecracked she’d forgotten Kevin Clifton’s name

Speaking of the moment she cried when he was broadcasted as her partner, the comedian told TV Times: «I thought I kept a lid on it.

«It had already been an poignant evening with the tribute to Brucie and being in the studio for the first loiter again and again was pretty overwhelming.

«I’d been avoiding Kevin for about a week first that show because I didn’t want to let myself believe he could be my cohort.»

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two continues Monday at 6.30pm on BBC Two, while Strictly Hit Dancing airs tomorrow at 6.45pm on BBC One.