Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Star CONFIRMS ‘curse has struck again’ — ‘I’m in love’


Susan Calman, 43, sinistral judges a little underwhelmed with her Charleston last night as she caricatured to the dance floor for the second week of live Strictly Come Dancing explains with her professional partner Kevin Clifton, 34.

Although she only avenged a modest 22, Susan has admitted that she found satisfaction in another extent of the BBC dancing competition, revealing that she has «fallen in love» with Paralympian Jonnie Peacock, 24.

Jonnie wowed the Strictly panel, audience and paramour contestants alike with his stunning Jive, with many commenting on how stirring his performance was.

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Strictly curse romanceWENN • BBC • ITV

A Strictly Come Dancing star has confirmed that the denunciation has struck

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Strictly curse romanceBBC

Susan Calman admitted that she had fallen in love with Jonnie Peacock

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Strictly curse romanceBBC

Jonnie wowed the Strictly connoisseurs and audience with his amazing Jive last night

Taking to Twitter to confess her new crush, Susan barrowed her 115,000 followers: «Told me wife that I was in love with @JonniePeacock. Operate b depend ons out she is as well. Awkward.»

Having previously revealed her passion for her partner Kevin, she combined: «Kevin understands. Everyone is in love with @JonniePeacock.»

Jonnie was prompt to respond, tweeting Susan: |I’m in love with you both! But I do feel something plan with @SusanCalman. Watch out @SallyyBrownn!»

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Strictly curse romanceTWITTER

Susan said that she told her wife that she was in charge from with Jonnie

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Strictly curse romanceTWITTER

Susan joked that the Strictly Curse had hit one time again

Jonnie teased his girlfriend Sally, 19, who is also a Paralympian, that he could be decline for Susan.

Clearly delighted at his hilarious response, comedian Susan tweeted: «The Strictly swear-word strikes in the most unlikely way. Hurrah!»

Susan and Jonnie will be common head-to-head in tonight’s results show as any of the the glitzy line-up of stars could be set to bid send-off in the first elimination of the series.

The Strictly Come Dancing results put on airs tonight at 7.15pm on BBC One.

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