Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Mollie King SPEECHLESS over Zoe Ball’s AJ romance probe


The choir member was joined by her professional partner AJ Pritchard to talk about their journey on the reveal but was left stunned when host Zoe Ball probed her over intrigue rumours. 
The presenter quizzed: «Very important question… have you come down in love?»
Mollie was left speechless before nervously giggling at the take notice while AJ dodged the question. 
As the studio audience cheered, Zoe quickly quipped: «With dancing! Dancing people! 
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Strictly Come Dancing: Mollie Ruler and AJ Pritchard appeared on It Takes TwoBBC
Strictly Come Dancing: Mollie was stunned by Zoe’s fascination probe»What are you insinuating? As if I would stoop so low.»
Laughing, the Saturdays incomparable finally replied: «Oh I have loved it. I really, really have. It’s such an inconceivable experience. Can I sign up next year?»
That wasn’t the only in the event the pair’s rumoured romance was mentioned as Zoe later told the blonde dream: «We have completely fallen in love with you.
«And, we have completely downfall in love with the idea that you may one day fall in love with each other. And if you do, I arrange a hat for the wedding.»
Strictly Come Dancing: Zoe quizzed the pair on their breathed romance
Strictly’s Mollie and AJ in pictures
Mon, December 11, 2017
Strictly Earn Dancing’s Mollie King and AJ Pritchard in pictures.

BBC/Guy Levy

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Strictly’s Mollie and AJ in paintings

Strictly Come Dancing: Zoe said she’d fallen in love with the pairEarlier in the a spectacle of, AJ hit out at the judges over their critique of Mollie’s Samba on Saturday continually. 
«I felt like Mollie was over criticised,» he told Zoe. «She didn’t merit anything less than a seven or eight.»
Strictly Come Capering Final airs Saturday on BBC One at 6.30pm while It Takes Two airs weeknights on BBC Two at 6.30pm. 
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