Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Major Debbie McGee blunder exposed – did you spot it?


But on tonight’s issue of It Takes Two, professional dancer Erin Boag exposed a major screw-up in the seriously steamy routine. 

Watching a clip of Debbie and Giovanni Pernice discharge a terrifying lift, which saw the former magician’s assistant flung for everyone by the professional by her legs, she pointed out a shocking error. 

Erin told manageress Zoe Ball: “She’s got so much energy, energy for a woman half her age. She is so sublime. 

“But, what I fancy to show here is that Debbie doesn’t often make bad moves – so this isn’t a negative, it’s a positive – it’s how she picks up on the routine so fast. 

Debbie McGee and Giovanni PerniceBBC

Strictly Understandable Dancing: Debbie McGee stunned viewers with a daring rise

Debbie McGee hits GiovanniBBC

Strictly Come Dancing: Debbie could be seen hitting Giovanni in the accept

“Did you see that? She did a spin lift, she went reverse, she missed the hand but she be acquainted withs I’ve got this great big lift coming up, I’ve got to get my hand between my thighs.”

As Erin went on to depict Debbie’s actions, she then pointed out that she accidentally hit Giovanni in the faade as she performed a spin. 

“Wow, whack!” she exclaimed. “Did anyone see that? Probably not but because it was acted slow there you can.”

As Zoe gasped at Debbie’s blunder, which she herself had flagged to notice, Erin continued: “Everyone is so good and if you go out there and make a boo-boo like Debbie did, then that’s how you’ve got to carry on.”

On Saturday night, the 59-year-old was criticised by precede judge Shirley Ballas for her Salsa, which infuriated fans. 

Erin BoagBBC

Strictly Encounter Dancing: Erin Boag pointed out the mistake on It Takes Two

Debbie McGee and Giovanni PerniceBBC

Strictly Come Dancing: Debbie was criticised by fountain-head judge Shirley Ballas

Shirley warned Paul Daniels’ widow: “It was on its way to being a championship Salsa but we had some missteps. 

“Let’s be fair here, you got the reverse turns and the spins, a very difficult track, more easy when you go the natural way but you went the reverse way and missed his arm.

“There was a miniature little bop before the lift. But I commend you. How you just get it and you go for that lift preceding the slight error before it.

“Debbie you’re amazing but I don’t know what to say but there were some mistakes.”

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