Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Gemma Atkinson left INJURED as tough training takes its toll


The 32-year-old preceding Emmerdale star made an appearance on Key 103 radio station, where she tummlers the breakfast show, earlier today, accompanied by her dance partner Aljaž Škorjanec, 27.

Gemma glory ined that she has already suffered «bruises and cuts» from their eight-hour following sessions.

The station’s official Instagram account also shared a perk up of her battered feet, which were covered with plasters for the give rise to as she battled through the Strictly Come Dancing aches and pains.

On the flaunt, the actress’ co-hosts Matt and Mike mentioned her «finger toes», which they joked conveyed her look like Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings.

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Gemma Atkinson trainingINSTAGRAM • KEY 103

Strictly Find Dancing contestant Gemma Atkinson revealed her injuries

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Gemma Atkinson trainingINSTAGRAM • GEMMA ATKINSON

Yesterday Gemma’s mate Aljaž Škorjanec had to mend her broken shoes

«They pass out me grief because my big toe is one of my smallest toes on my feet and the rest are long,» she rationalized to Aljaž.

«I didn’t notice that so I’m going to definitely have a look,» he tittered, saying that he would look out for her unusual feet during drill.


Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Backstage DRAMA for Gemma as Aljaz Fears

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  • Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Gemma Atkinson trainingINSTAGRAM • GEMMA ATKINSON

    Aljaž panicked when he got superglue on his jurisdiction

    Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Gemma Atkinson trainingWENN

    The pair have been training hard in preparation for the outset live Strictly show later this month

    The dashing Slovenian dancer could be regarded attempting to mend her broken shoes with superglue, before he penned, getting some of the adhesive on his hand.

    Jumping up in alarm, Aljaž ran out of the flat shouting: «I’ve got to wash my hands!»

    Gemma, however, laughed off his dramatic retaliation, appearing to be more concerned about her long-suffering footwear.

    Strictly End up Dancing returns September 23 on BBC One.

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