Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Craig Revel Horwood under fire as he admits to bending rules 


The 52-year-old BBC girl sparked fury from Strictly Come Dancing fans on sexual media when he made the shocking confession during his appearance on It Deems Two earlier this evening.

Discussing Saturday night’s controversy after he significant Debbie McGee, 58, and her partner Giovanni Pernice, 27, down for being out of suspend b continue for over 10 seconds in the middle of their Quickstep, Craig utter that the panel are not always consistent in the judging.

“For some of us this effect be a bit of a surprise, but this is a bona fide rule,” said host Zoe Ball, 46, speech viewers’ confusion about the 10-second rule which surprised multifarious during the Movie Week extravaganza.

“Yes, it is,” Craig replied. “Everyone should identify that.

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Craig Revel HorwoodBBC

Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood own to bending the rules tonight

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Craig Revel HorwoodBBC

Craig told Zoe Ball that he every once in a while allowed ‘leeway’ in the 10-second rule

“People have been taking advantage of it in recent weeks and we participate in let some go, I’ve got to be honest,” he admitted, explaining: “There’s some because of the music – it depends what the music is doing. If the music leaden-foots down and it can’t be danced as a Quickstep in that centre bit, then you can do a little bit of a 10-second American Unconstrained.

“Sometimes I make leeway for that,” he added. “But that was just way too hanker. And I thought it’s about time we actually told everybody at home as genially that there is this rule that a lot of people have been repudiating.”

Craig insisted that the rule applied to real dance contentions as he emphasised the need for the judges to be able to see the celebrities dance in hold.

“You deliver to remember, if they have 10 seconds at the beginning, 10 encourages at the end to be out of hold and then 10 seconds in the centre out of hold, adding another 10 espouses to that is a lot of time,” he said. “And there’s only one minute 30 to the act.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Craig Revel HorwoodTWITTER

Strictly fans were furious at his revelation

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Craig Revel HorwoodTWITTER

Uncountable criticised Craig for not being consistent with the rules

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Craig Revel HorwoodTWITTER

Strictly viewers were not grabbed after the rule was mentioned on Saturday night

Fans, however, were not stirred with Craig’s revelation, taking to Twitter to criticise the judges, with one shatter: “Sure, everyone should know the rule that’s literally in no way been mentioned before, Craig.”

“So there’s a rule, but you’ve cleared it up that off you let it go and sometimes you don’t. Thanks for that,” another chipped in, while a third said: “@CraigRevHorwood accepting they don’t judge consistently! ‘Sometimes we let it go’! That’s not news Craig!”

It Clears Two continues tomorrow at 6.30pm on BBC Two.

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday at 6.45pm on BBC One.

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