Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Charlotte Hawkins MORTIFIED by sexy dances with Brendan Cole


The Good-hearted Morning Britain presenter confessed that she gets embarrassed prevalent getting up close and personal with the professional dancer. 

“I can’t stop satirizing,” she commented. “You have to look deep into your partner’s contemplates. 

“It’s the weirdest thing, because who does that with a stranger in commonplace life? My default is to start giggling. 

“It’s like being at the school leap and being mortified when you come face to face with a boy. I want I can get over that.”

Charlotte Hawkins and Brendan ColeBBC

Strictly Come Dancing: Charlotte Hawkins reported she gets embarrassed by sexy dances with Brendan

Charlotte HawkinsGETTY

Strictly Happen Dancing: Charlotte confessed she laughs when she has to get close to Brendan

While she may not been lament on the sexy routines, Charlotte said she is “thrilled” to have been partnered with Brendan. 

“He’s a lustrous dancer and he’s been on Strictly from the start, so I’m in safe hands,” she demand thated the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine. 

“The good thing is we’re already patrons, so I know we’re going to have a laugh together as well as get the work done.”

When asked if her repress Mark is worried about her raunchy dances with Brendan and if he respects she will fall victim to the Strictly “curse”, Charlotte simply pooh-poohed. 

Charlotte Hawkins and Brendan ColeINSTAGRAM/CHARLOTTE HAWKINS

Strictly Come Dancing: Charlotte put a box on Brendan’s chairlady in training

Charlotte HawkinsBBC

Strictly Come Dancing: Charlotte insisted that she won’t lapse victim to the Strictly curse

“I’m very happily married, thank you,” she quipped. “Slash’s not worried at all. Although maybe I should be concerned about what he remembers of me. 

“He did ask me if I was going to be the Ed Balls character this year.”

It comes after the 42-year-old revealed that

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