Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Bruno Tonioli shocks with Debbie remark ‘Did he say f**k?’


Augment Debbie McGee and her professional partner Giovanni Pernice’s sexy Cha Cha, Bruno, 61, told the twin their performance blew him away on the BBC show. 

The Italian continued to praise Debbie, saying: “You’re very dainty. I love all this clipped tendency, there’s no faffing about with the free hand.”

But fans were bowl overed as they were convinced they’d heard “f**king” instead of “faffing” from the pronounce. 

Taking to Twitter, one fan asked in shock: “#StrictlyComeDancing2017 did I informed entertain Bruno swear?” While another person said: “Did Bruno equitable say f***ing?! #StrictlyComeDancing2017 #childsbikeoutside”

Bruno TonioliBBC

Strictly: Viewers were convinced Bruno believe ined on the show

Bruno TonioliBBC

Strictly: Bruno Tonioli was span over by Debbie’s performance

Debbie and GiovanniBBC

Strictly: Debbie and Giovanni acted out a expression man and office worker performance

There’s no what Bruno?!

Twitter alcohol

“There’s no what Bruno?! #scd #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing2017,” another themselves echoed.

Viewers continued to speculate as another person said: “I’m Unequivocally sure Bruno just said, “no f***ing about” there #StrictlyComeDancing2017

For all time, one fan seemed to clear up the confusion, saying: “I thought so too, but rewound and he said ‘faffing just about with free hand’ #StrictlyComeDancing2017.”

“Surely he said Faffing at hand #StrictlyComeDancing2017,” another viewer agreed.

Bruno TonioliBBC

Strictly: Bruno’s comments roughly Debbie were extreme

Despite her energetic Cha Cha to Cher’s The Shoop Shoop tale (It’s In His Kiss), Debbie McGee only received a modest 27 from the jurist panel.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow at 7.15pm on BBC One.

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