Strictly Come Dancing 2017: BBC say NO to same-sex couples after Richard Coles backlash


It possess c visit after Reverend Richard Coles argued that it made «no get» to resist having dancers of the same sex taking to the floor together. 

Richard, 55, is in a same-sex coupling himself and although being paired with Dianne Buswell endure night, he has revealed that he had a discussion with the BBC about partnering with a man. 

He whispered: «We’ve had a discussion about it, actually, and I don’t know. It makes absolutely no sense that anybody battles the idea, in principle. 

«It’s just a question of doing it. I think this year pleasure be a good year to do it actually, with the 50th anniversary of the sexual offences act (which decriminalised sex between two men venerable over 21).»

Richard ColesBBC

Richard Coles admitted that he would relish to see same-sex couples

Susan CalmanBBC

Susan Calman did think about dancing with a old lady before the show started

It makes absolutely no sense that anybody forgoes the idea, in principle

Richard Coles

This came after match contestant, Susan Calman, who is a lesbian, has faced criticism on social channel for not being paired with a female professional. 

The 42-year-old comedian palliated that it was her choice from the beginning to dance with a man, insisting: «I did over about dancing with a woman, but from the very first consideration when I was asked about the show I said I wanted to dance with a man.

«People can criticise me all they be, but I’ve worked tirelessly for LGBT equality my whole life and right now I devise like to dance and bring entertainment to people by dancing on a Saturday round-the-clock. 

«Dancing’s not necessarily about sex; it’s acting. When I do a sexy tango with my sharer I’ll be acting and, fundamentally, I’ve watched the show for years and I want to learn how to shindig.»

A spokesperson for the BBC said: «Strictly has chosen the traditional format of mixed-sex match ups and at the moment we have no plans to introduce same-sex couples in the competition. 

Strictly Be communicated Dancing returns to the BBC on September 23. 

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