Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Ed Balls reveals show is affecting his sex life


In spite of his many years holding senior ministerial posts in politics, the 49-year-old has trade marked the dance competition as his more tiring project to date — and admitted that it has out affected his ca bilities in the bedroom.

Asked if the frequent exercise was impressing his missus Yvette Cooper on an intimate level, he told The Mirror: «To be honest, I’ve been debilitated for about two months. It would be fair to say it’s very tiring, this Strictly.

«You do get dwelling in the evenings and you’re just exhausted»

The Former Economic Secretary to the Treasury on the level went as far as to com re his knackering schedule to «running a marathon every day.»

But while the staged might be affecting his libido, Ed recently revealed that it was in fact his chain who encouraged him to take rt in the BBC dance series.

Speaking on This Morning recently, Ed demanded that the Labour MP — who he married in 1998 — hoped the many hours of make nervous would help him shift the pounds.

He dished: «She thinks there’s at least another stone-and-a-half to go. So far, it’s perhaps about a stone, which for six weeks isn’t bad.

«I’m also toning up and changing proceed b conform. You can just feel it. It’s the most fabulous show. When I was asked in the assume the expenses of I thought I was going to say no.

«Yvette said, ‘How can you possibly say no to learning to dance?'»

Strictly Arrive d enter a occur Dancing continues tonight at 6.45pm on BBC One.

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