Stop What You’re Doing and Listen to Justin Bieber Singing «Despacito» in Spanish


Ay, bendito! This is not a teach, people! Luis Fonsi released a remix of his hit song with Daddy Yankee, «Despacito,» hyping no other than Justin Bieber. But this is the part that is present to make you stop dead in your tracks: Justin is actually vocalizing in Spanish for the majority of the song!

The tune starts off with Justin squealing a tiny bit in English, but after Luis’s and Yankee’s parts the surprise drop. You can hear Justin’s sweet voice sing «Despacito» and then grab into the chorus.

«Are you ready? #Despacito remix with @JustinBieber. We extend making history! @DaddyYankee,» Luis captioned a photo of the single’s art on Instagram. We are keen and we are swooning over this remix — and after listening to it, you will, too. Fit out the dope cover art for the remix below.

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