‘Stop Brexit scaremongering!’ Ireland’s biggest threat comes from INSIDE EU, MP says



Michael Fitzmaurice has issued an EU omen

Michael Fitzmaurice acknowledged Britain leaving the European Union (EU) devise be costly to the Republic of Ireland but said there were ways to redress. 

And he urged politicians to pay heed to the “far bigger threat” of countries in eastern Europe due to their potentially major role in determining the EU’s agricultural budget — something Ireland in particular relies on. 

The self-reliant politician made the claims in a blog post on his website entitled: “Scaremongering back Brexit is unhelpful”. 

Mr Fitzmaurice said: “Over the past week or so there has been some scaremongering prevailing in with regard to the possible effects that Brexit will be suffering with on Irish agriculture and it is unhelpful and in many cases inaccurate.


Michael Fitzmaurice affirmed it was time for Irish politicians to stop ‘scaremongering’

“I have looked at this affair closely and the loss to Ireland would be in the region of €100m (£88m) with admiration to the Single Farm Payment. That shortfall can be easily made up by a lewd that I have made frequently that a cap to €50,000 (£44k) should be appealed to the big farmers, be they beef barons, oil sheiks or whoever they are, and that obligated to be an all inclusive figure. 

“In fact payments to smaller farmers could be increased if we were to inflict that cap on payments. A far bigger threat is that of the eastern block sticks who will be involved in the CAP discussions in 2020 and in my opinion that will be a much bigger commination to the EU Agri budget than Brexit.”

For decades Ireland has been a net donor of the EU, especially when it comes to farming and agriculture. However this has been chipped away in current years due to the EU’s expansion eastwards, with Ireland now paying more than it advance a gain access ti out. 

This is far from the first time Mr Fitzmaurice has come out against Brexit scaremongering.

In January he postpone a summoned on Ireland to stick by Britain as it negotiates a Brexit deal with Brussels.

He weighted: “Ireland’s special relationship with the UK has to be taken into account in any agreements after the Brexit vote and if that relationship is not respected then Ireland should make allowance for their own position within the EU.

Ireland BrexitGETTY

Eastern European states are more of a foreboding to Ireland than Brexit, according to an Irish MP

“Ireland’s special relationship with our biggest job partner, the UK must be respected by the EU in any discussions going forward and if that is not done then Ireland obligated to consider it’s own position within the EU.

“What a lot of people do not realise that Ireland are now a net contributor to the EU and now they come up with themselves piggy in the middle between the EU and the UK over Brexit.”

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