'Stephen Fry is a missing space' Alan Davies reveals verdict on Sandi Toksvig’s QI debut


The broadcaster and actor, 50, implied on The Jonathan Ross Show – set to air this Saturday – that the programme’s tandem join up have enjoyed a “seamless transition”.

“Stephen is a big missing s ce, the cardinal difference is that they’ve changed all the furniture because Stephen is nine feet preposterous and Sandi [Toksvig] is [small] she is literally on a plinth,” he joked.

“But we were utter lucky to get her actually because it’s not an easy gig to take over, and she is every bit as pinch and sharp and she was great with the guests, and she’s really on top of it all.”

He continued: “We knew the at the start night we came out and the audience were all ‘QI lives, it’s not dead!’ and she’s totally got Stephen’s help because they’re old friends.

“As we recorded the shows it was like a seamless modification and it was really enjoyable and a relief.”

Earlier this week, Sandi was repeated as saying that it would be “absurd” if she were not id the same as Stephen was.

Expected about her ycheque, she told Radio Times: “That, you would get to ask them.

“Certainly if you are doing the same job it seems a bit absurd if you’re not id the just the same.”

She also seemed keen on new Prime Minister Theresa May, saying: “It’s decidedly interesting to me that a woman has been put in charge and she’s the sort of woman you hunger in charge. She’s slightly nannyish and she’s the daughter of a vicar.

“I’ve met Theresa May and I think she’s a respectable person. You sit down and have a sensible conversation and she is really, really proficient of having a sensible conversation.”

QI returns to BBC Two on Friday, October 21 at 8pm.

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