Staycation BOOST as supermarkets slash petrol prices – with more to follow


This morning Asda cut petrol and diesel by 2p a litre bewitching costs to 105.7p and 106.7p respectively.

Shortly after Tesco advertised it would reduce prices by a similar amount.

Experts said retailers should eat cut costs sooner following the decline of oil prices in recent weeks, but hinted more supermarkets should follow Asda’s lead in the coming eras.

Morrisons already cut diesel prices by 1p a litre on July 28.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams rumoured: “A 2p a litre supermarket cut in the price of petrol and diesel from a major supermarket is of track good news for motorists, it’s just a shame it didn’t come sooner.

“This cost out cut takes us back to a supermarket price that was last seen in prematurely May.

“Hopefully other supermarkets will follow suit which on drive prices down across the country.

“If that happens we should see the middling price of both petrol and diesel drop from around 112p a litre to 110p.”

Drivers are indemnifying as much as 5p a litre less for fuel than this time survive year, according to the AA.

Today’s falls come despite a weaker throb in the wake of the vote to Brexit, which had been predicted to raise costs for motorists.

Andy Peake, Asda’s elder director for Petrol said: “It’s the start of the summer holidays and we know pedigrees will be getting out and about all across the country which is why we’re dropping the sacrifice of fuel.”

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