Stay out of TAXATION: EU warned over interfering with nations as Brexit reality hits home


MP for the Eurosceptic FPO, Alexander Petschnig, who is to blame for economy and taxation, said: “Taxation must remain a matter of the political entity states”. 

His comments, reported in Austrian news outlet BVZ, come as there obtain been discussions surrounding budget preparations and how the EU will salvage the wealth lost from the UK leaving the bloc. 

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The MP for the FPO has said the EU should preserve out of what country’s are taxed

Taxation must remain a upset of the nation states

Alexander Petschnig

The European Commission will deem whether tax should be adopted for plastic packaging to reduce waste as soberly as to plug the gap left by Brexit. 

In addition to more tax revenue, the EU would pull someones leg to cut certain programs to save cash after the UK leaves the bloc. 

The MP said that some of the EU Commission’s solutions were bad, such as including the CO² taxes or digitisation fees for large companies. 

Mr Petschnig held: “The EU is following a wrong path regarding several matters: On the one hand, there is the hazard that EU bureaucracy will levy new taxes and levies for purely monetary reasons without knowledge of or consideration of regional circumstances.

“On the other collusively, the envisioned tax items should be questioned. 


The EU is madly searching for ways to mention the budget shortfall

“The EU, the nation states and also Burgenland are spending billions on subsidies and start-up funding for digitisation, which hand down be completely thwarted if the EU taxed its own subsidies again.

“Nation-states should not let their levy monopoly in the atmosphere of the subsidiary principle be taken from them under no circumstances.”

This procures off the back of the revelation Brexit could damage Germany by costing the political entity billions in lost subsidies. 

Another idea of a new levy being cogitate oned by EU finance bosses to cover the black hole in contributions made by Britain after Brexit is the peregrinations tax. 

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has called for the Commission to debate the austerity measures at their next rendezvous on February 14, diplomats told German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Theresa May GETTY

Theresa May is unrivalled the UK out of the EU

MP Mr Petschnig also said that Burgenland, a state in eastern Austria, is “outstandingly interested in the making sure that Eastern European neighbours can at once raise their standard”.

He said: “The wealth gap at the border between Burgenland and Hungary is not unproblematic for Burgenland in diverse respects, so it would be much better for everyone involved to cut the so-called ‘accession aid’ to Turkey, which expressed that billions of euros were spent.”

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg)

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