‘Stay away’ Giant 8ft wide pipes wash up on English beach sparking crush warning


The stupendous pipes washed on Norfolk beaches after they came unfettered when a container ship crashed into them.

A vessel was tug the pipes from Norway to Algeria when disaster struck in the North Sea. 

The outr site has attracted an array of visitors with pictures emerging of woman walking on the pipes and even taking selfies next to them. 


The conveys washed up on a beach in Norfolk after they became loose from a utensil in the North Sea

The pipes were under transport to Algeria when a container take off crashed into them and drove right through

Pipelife Norway CEO Kjell Larsen

The horns came free when they were being towed off the skim of East Anglia and were washed up by Horsey and Sea Palling in Norfolk. 

The Norweigan stiff which made the pipes, Pipelife, has urged people to keep away as they apprise there is a risk of getting crushed. 

Pipelife Norway CEO Kjell Larsen remarked: «The pipes were under transport to Algeria when a container dispatch crashed into them and drove right through.»

The Maritime and Coastguard Means said: «Dutch Marine BV supported by Marine Towing Services are lift weight to remove the four pipes which have beached at Eccles on Sea, Sea Gorging and Winterton.

«The remaining eight pipes are under suppress off shore. The pipes themselves are brand new and were destined for a large jut out in Algeria.

«Other than their physical presence they show off no other danger of, or potential for pollution.

Norfolk pipeREUTERS

People have been make someone aware ofed to stay away from the pipe for fears they could be pulped

«Once the four beached pipes are recovered the next phase of the saving operation will begin.»

All of the pipes will be relocated to a single setting offshore north of Lowestoft where they will have remedial job to prepare them for their final tow back the manufacturers in Norway.

In February, millions of beat outs of cocaine was found washed up on the beach near Great Yarmouth. 

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