Statins side-effects — have YOU stopped taking cholesterol-drugs over health concerns?


Statins are as per usual taken once a day.

However, new research has revealed some people dictated the drugs are ditching them due to reports of side effects.

There is much dispute over statins side-effects. Many people who take the drugs ordeal no or very few side effects, however, some people have accounted feeling sick, or having headaches.

A number of scientific studies accept said there are relatively few cases where people taking statins savoir faire dangerous side effects.

Commonly reported side-effects include difficulties, problems with the digestive system, a sore throat and nose-bleeds.

Statins side-effects: Stroke survivors have stopped taking the pills GETTY

Statins side-effects: Dash survivors have stopped taking the pills

Despite this, seizure survivors are ditching statins due to reports of side effects, putting their vigour at risk, a new study warns.

The potentially life-saving drugs are being steer clear ofed after negative media reports and patients’ own experience of side achieves, the Cambridge University study claims.

Researchers warn that all but a third of those put on the drug following a stroke stop taking it.

And yet a moment stroke, which happens to 30 per cent of all stroke sufferers, has a accomplished risk of disability and death.

Statins side-effects: Stroke survivors have stopped taking the pills GETTY

Statins side-effects: Stroke survivors receive stopped taking the pills

These judgements have highlighted the need for an open, honest dialogue between resolutes

Scientists from Cambridge and Queen Mary University in London tested seven years worth of posts on a Stroke Association online forum.

The culminates, published in the journal BMJ Open, looked at 84 people, 49 of whom were movement survivors and 33 care givers.

«By analysing people’s views as pressed in online forums, where they are more open and less also leary, we’ve seen some valuable insights into why some stroke survivors suffer with difficulty adhering to their medication,” said James Jamison, in front author on the study from the Department of Public Health and Primary Suffering at Cambridge.

Forum users said side effects were a foremost factor in decisions to stop taking their medication and sometimes this was done in consultation with their GP.

Statins side-effects: Stroke survivors have stopped taking the pills GETTY

Statins side-effects: Jot survivors have stopped taking the pills

Others reported that they, or the being they were caring for, had stopped taking the medication after understanding negative stories in the press about side effects.

Dr Anna De Simoni, a lecturer in Fundamental Care Research at QMUL said: «These findings have highlighted the deprivation for an open, honest dialogue between patients and/or their carers, and healthcare pros.

«Doctors need to listen to these concerns, discuss the benefits and snags of taking the medication, and be willing to support a patient’s informed decision to decline medications.»

Mr Jamison added: «Challenging negative beliefs about medication and espousing practices that make routines for taking medication simpler, very for those patients who have suffered disability as a result of stroke, should escalating adherence and ultimately improve health outcomes.»

Last week, a lessons claimed statins failed to slash deaths from heart malady and do more harm than good. Senior medics claimed fast and lifestyle could be a safer way to reduce risk of heart disease.

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