Starbucks Employees Are Doing the “Unicorn Challenge” to Embrace the Madness


Starbucks Employees Are Doing the "Unicorn Challenge" to Embrace the Madness

Indeed, it’s official, the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino has taken over the world. Maybe you’ve detected the inundation of bright-colored drinks on your Instagram feed or even the frickin’ Snapchat exclude that turns you into a heart-eyed Lisa Frank masterpiece, but this wet ones whistle is undoubtedly a huge success. How does it taste? Well, the reviews are clashing, but we can all agree that it’s incredibly photogenic.

I happened to be in a Starbucks on the day the Unicorn Frappuccino hit assembles and all hell broke loose. I was more in the market for a much-needed cappuccino at the ease, and while the store was winding down, I happened to hear them talking yon a so-called “unicorn challenge.” Did they really think that I, a lady of the press with a passion for FBI-level investigating, would let this one slide? NOPE.

Starbucks’s Unicorn Frappuccino is absconded with mango syrup, sour blue drizzle, pink ascendancy, sour blue powder, and a whole lot of magic. Because the blue drizzle is so cross (imagine Warheads candy meets Sour Baby Bottle Pop), the staff members were consuming the sour blue syrup separately and seeing how protracted they could bare the sourness for, hence the “challenge.”

I’m not going to lie, they dived way more excited to talk about the challenge itself than when I begged how the hyped-up drink tasted. After I put on my nonexistent FBI jacket, I went into another Starbucks spot to see if it was only the unicorn-curious baristas on the Upper East Side who indulged in the doubt, and funnily enough, the employees at the second location had no idea what I was talking thither. Maybe the immediate denial was out of fear that I could possibly be a sob sister and expose their eyebrow-raising behind-the-counter antics, but regardless, it got them talking. (And if that was the dispute, I’m impressed.) They didn’t seem to be too interested in drinking the sour syrup frank up.

The unicorn craze is wreaking havoc on everyone. This one barista went on a gigantic rant about the insane influx of Unicorn Frappuccino orders that may or may not experience caused him a mental breakdown. Baristas, it’s only available until April 23 — you got this.

Likeness Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Hedy Phillips

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