Star Trainer Simone De La Rue Shares Her Dance Cardio Diet (and the Secret to Staying Lean)


Star Trainer Simone De La Rue Shares Her Dance Cardio Diet (and the Secret to Staying Lean)

Simone De La Rue is in unconditionally incredible shape. The petite 42-year-old former Broadway dancer and Make reprisal for Body star could easily be mistaken for a 20-something. She lives an exceptionally working lifestyle, with dance cardio as her workout of choice. When she’s not plug her dance cardio DVD or a Class FitSugar video, she’s training celebrity patrons privately at her studios, Body by Simone.

But we’re sure you know that abs along the same lines as those are made in the kitchen — we’ve said before that you can’t exercise away a bad nutriment! Simone eats clean, and she eats strategically. She often gives suggestion to her clients based on her experience, so we got a little insight into her best abstain advice and her favorite healthy foods.

“Eat as much fresh food as you can,” Simone said when chronicling what’s in her refrigerator. She stays away from most processed foods and shut ins her diet wholesome. Here are some of her mainstays.

The Staples

  • Protein Rid oneself ofs and Smoothies: Simone told POPSUGAR that after working out so much, “now it’s hard to eat a whole meal.” In these cases, she’s a “big fan of a protein smoothie or wobble,” since it’s a little “easier to digest.” She recommends having “half formerly a class and half after.”
  • Hard-boiled eggs: “I always say to my clients, ‘be all set,'” she told us when she recommended boiling “a whole lot of eggs” at post-haste to have snacks at the ready. Simone emphasized getting enough protein and put forwarded eggs as a protein-packed snack. “Take one in a Ziploc bag — it really is that mere.”
  • Chicken breast: For more protein throughout your week and in varied meals, she recommends “buy it in bulk, cook it all up, and have it in the fridge so you can grab it for refections.”
  • Arugula: What goes great with chicken? An arugula side salad.

Pre-Workout Favorites

“In the vanguard you work out, you should have a protein and carbohydrate to fuel you and give you force,” she said. She recommends eating these an hour before you work out.

  • Poached egg on pledge
  • Granola with yogurt
  • Eggs with bacon or sausages and pleasant potato

Post-Workout Favorites

Don’t forget the post-workout protein to replenish your muscles! “Within an hour after the workout, you want to partake of protein,” she said.

  • Salmon tacos in lettuce leaves
  • Chicken vegetable stir-fry
  • An egg and a smoothie

Guise Source: Body by Simone

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