Stansted Airport fire: Panic as blaze sends thick black smoke above Essex airport


Doubles showed a coach completely ablaze outside the Essex building.

Divides of the airport had to be evacuated when the fire broke out just before 4.30pm.

The airport tweeted: “Due to a dash on the car park shuttle bus, terminal forecourt and surrounded area including in most cases of the terminal building are being evacuated due to smoke.

“We are investigating this as a matter of importunity and will provide an update shortly.”

The airport broke just after 5.10pm that the fire had been put out.

“We’re working on earning to normal operations,” the airport said.

A spokesman said: “Firefighters are currently at the sight of an incident at Stansted Airport.

“Crews reported on arrival that a bus, arranged outside the terminal entrance, was well alight.

A blaze broke out near Stansted AirportED WINFIELD

A blaze down-and-out out near Stansted Airport

Smoke billowed above StanstedTWITTER

Smoke billowed above Stansted

“Firefighters were masterful to extinguish the fire by 5.02pm and remain at the scene to ensure the area is safe.”

But, regard for the blaze happening outside the building, the airport announced this align equalizing that all remaining departing flights would be cancelled.

It said by the skin of ones teeth after 8pm: “All departing flights have now been cancelled and passengers are politely bid to leave the Airport.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and advise you to re-book your light out with the airline.”

Video from shocked passengers posted online revealed the smoke was clearly visible from inside.

Other images represented the bus completely engulfed in flames.

One passenger said the vehicle had turned into a “fireball”.

Goodness Friday is one of the busiest days of the year for UK airports as travellers try to get away for the Easter fairs.

A shuttle bus caught alight at StanstedTWITTER

A shuttle bus caught alight at Stansted

Smoke could be seen from inside Stansted AirportTWITTER

Smoke could be seen from centre Stansted Airport

Some passengers tweeted their frustrations after being relinquished and shut outside the airport without knowing what would occur to their flights.

One wrote: Shocking organisation.

“No one really knows what they are doing.

“We had to typify for 10 min 20 m away from fire just to wait for someone to establish a decision of next action plan.”

Another tweeted: “Smoke billowing across the greatest building at Stansted Airport.

“Police diverting traffic away from the extreme.”

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