Staff flee as 60 migrants brawl and hurl DISHES during riot at Swedish refugee centre


Up to 60 wanderers threw punches and dishes at each other at the centre in Brannberg.

Personnel reportedly fled the scene as crockery was smashed around the shelter.

Ungraceful Police Duty Officer Thomas Shäufele told local razzi: “We have spoken to a person from the site who was disturbed and aggressive.

“We bring into the world not received reports of any damage, but are investigating whether there is reason to take effect up the complaint of assault and vandalism.”

Swedish police said they last wishes as use interpreters and translators to speak to those involved.

It’s believed nicked pikestaff called police as the situation grew out of control and left the building.

When the gendarmes arrived the fight had reportedly stopped.

It is unclear what caused the row but it is believed the contradict initially involved just two people before a crowd gathered.

Jakob Lindvall, first of one of the Swedish Migration Boards, told SvD that staff from the Swedish Migration Ship aboard were sent to the scene where it remained calm.

Violence erupted at the protect last month and Swedish authorities are now considering hiring security watchmen to trol the premises.

Troublesome residents may also be moved to different clusters.

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