SSL completes preliminary design review for Nasa’s satellite servicing mission


US-based Range Systems Loral (SSL) has concluded the preliminary design review (PDR) for Nasa’s Restore-L vocation that will offer satellite servicing in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

End of the PDR has enabled the mission to move towards its next phase of development, which desire include a detailed design process.

The three-day PDR was carried out at SSL’s facilities and manifested the mission’s ability to meet system requirements.

«We are on track to developing a wherewithal that helps maintain our country’s international position as a leader in ahead of space technology.»

SSL government systems president Richard White bring to light: “Satellite servicing in low-Earth orbit is of great value for Nasa enquiry and science architectures, as well as national security.

“With the PDR successfully finished, we are on track to developing a capability that helps maintain our country’s supranational position as a leader in advanced space technology.

“In addition to enabling high-value assets to persist in to be used, Restore-L will test cross-cutting technologies that attired in b be committed to applications for other important Nasa missions.”

To be launched by 2020, the Restore-L spacecraft is currently supervised development by SSL and Nasa Goddard Space Flight Centre’s Satellite Serving Projects Division (SSPD).

The spacecraft will be designed to use robotics and a number of advance technologies to grasp and refuel an existing government satellite already in LEO in directive to extend the operational life of the satellite’s space assets.

It will also describe new tools, technologies and techniques that will help future seat exploration missions, as well as a new satellite servicing industry in the US.

Restore-L compel also be able to provide structural support, propulsion, attitude guide, data and communications interface, as well as the power to support its robotic payload for the upcoming on-orbit demo.

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