Spotify comes to Wear OS with stand-alone app, Spotify Connect support


Spotify standalone Wear OS app on three Fossil smartwatch screens.


Wear OS gains a popular new app today that various have been waiting for, as Spotify announced that it’s bringing a stand-alone wearable app to Google’s smartwatch party line.

Spotify’s stand-alone app lets you browse and control music from your wrist. It feels to be a lighter version of Spotify’s mobile app, allowing you to browse your scents and playlists and quickly save songs to your library. You can also conduct playback from your wrist—it appears similar to Wear OS’ national music controls, just built into a dedicated Spotify app.

The Wear OS app also integrates with Spotify Stitch, the company’s method of connecting and controlling playback on Bluetooth devices. Now from your wrist, you can survive connections between Bluetooth speakers, laptops, and other devices and very soon change the playback source.

The Spotify Wear OS app uses any available connectivity, subsuming Wi-Fi, LTE, and Bluetooth, to play music. Unlike Tizen’s Spotify app, the Enervate OS app doesn’t support downloading music for offline playback. That desire inevitably disappoint those with Wear OS smartwatches with passably onboard storage to hold a couple of playlists.

When asked around offline support, Spotify offered Ars this statement: “We’re excited to add a standalone Spotify app for Wear OS by Google smartwatches. This is the first interpretation of the app, and we will continue to improve the Spotify experience.” While that’s non-specific, it hints at the possibility of offline support being added in the future.

Earlier this month, Spotify occasioned its standalone app to Garmin Fenix 5 wearables. Like the Tizen app, Garmin’s Spotify app absolves Garmin high-end smartwatch owners download and play music just from the device on their wrists via connected Bluetooth headphones.

With Tediously tire OS joining the group now, the major wearable platforms remaining are Fitbit OS and Apple’s watchOS. Fitbit’s smartwatches can currently download and have a good time personal files as well as playlists from Pandora and Deezer (pay off subscribers only). All Apple Watch owners can download iTunes music for offline keep ones ears open, and those with LTE-enabled Watches can stream tracks from Apple Music. The Now Playing app on Apple Shields lets users control Spotify smartphone playback, but there isn’t a consecrate Spotify app for watchOS, nor can Spotify Premium users download music for offline mind.

It’s likely that Spotify will partner with Fitbit sooner than it will partner with Apple. Apple’s recent strategy urgencies its hardware to promote its software and services—making Apple Music the singular music source on the Apple Watch is in line with that plan. Apple already restricts its $350 HomePod to mostly Apple-owned music sources.

Spotify partnered with Fossil Rank to pre-install the standalone app on all Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches and Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatches that up with out starting this November. The Spotify app will roll out for all other Wearing OS users over the next week.

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