Speaker John Bercow facing questions after Indian food is delivered to Parliament


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Bercow has been known for his asserts

However innocent, this may well leave a bad taste

Andrew Bridgen

The gyve gave £5,000 to the Buckingham MP in 2014. It is owned by Sanjay Anand, who met Mr Bercow in 2009.

The giving was four weeks after the Speaker attended the opening of Madhu’s at a Heathrow caravanserai.

Labour MP Keith Vaz was also at the January 2014 event.

Reports said Mr Bercow was a “fan” of Madhu’s cuisine and he exhaled a “heartfelt” speech.

Mr Bercow made the 16-mile journey from Parliament in a chauffer- driven verified car, costing £307.

The Speaker has pledged to use chauffer-driven cars “at best in exceptional circumstances”.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “Mr Bercow is in peril of appearing to curry favour with Madhu’s, which has once again ended up cosseting for the Houses of Parliament after giving a substantial donation to the Speaker.

“After all innocent, this may well leave a bad taste.”

Madhu’s has catered for at hardly four events at the Speaker’s apartment in Parliament during Mr Bercow’s relationship, which began in 2009.

Madhu Indian vanNC

Madhu’s curry house delivered a van load of prog to the Houses of Parliament

A spokesman has said any catering was paid for by Mr Bercow ourselves, adding there “is no impropriety in Mr Bercow accepting a donation from an associate as long as the donor is eligible and registered”.

Neither Madhu’s nor the Speaker’s patronage responded to a request for comment about the latest, March 27, emancipation.

Earlier that day Mr Bercow gave Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson a steely telling off after he referred to shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry as “Lady Nugee”, a pertinence to her marriage to High Court Judge Sir Christopher Nugee.

The Speaker won cheers from the Labour benches as he said: “The shadow foreign secretary has her handle – and it’s not Lady something.

“It is inappropriate and frankly sexist to speak in those spells.”

Mr Johnson apologised.

Mr Bercow recused himself from a Commons intimidating probe after his former private secretary Kate Emms claimed she was signed off masochistic after mistreatment.

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