Spartacus star Liam McIntyre 'counting blessings' after narrowly avoiding Florida shooting


The Australian actor was meant to be at the terminal where a gunman allegedly pulled out a weapon from his pass luggage and opened fire. 

Suspected gunman Esteban Santiago damped five people and injured eight others in the baggage terminal where the shooting star was supposed to be meeting his wife Erin.

He took to Twitter to confirm to his 98,600 promoters that he was safe and grateful that he had not been involved in the incident. 

The 34-year-old, who misuses the lead role in Spartacus: War of the Damned, explained: “Dear God. Was in a different terminus to see @Erin_McIntyre8 on her flight. Then there was a shooting at the terminal I was meant to be at.

“Petition for all the people caught in the ft. Lauderdale shooting a terminal over. Dear God.”

Liam later split updates from the scene, informing his followers: “Okay, been pull out ofed to a separate area. Today is solidly terrifying. Hopefully it’s under lever now. Stay safe.”

Responding to one fan, he added that he and his spouse were “counting our profits” and “were lucky for sure”. 

According to reports, the lone shooter, who was attrition a Star Wars T-shirt, is believed to have flown into the airport on split chase Delta 2182 from Alaska with a checked gun. 

After make iting in baggage reclaim, he then pulled it from his bag and moved to the bathroom to jam it. 

He reemerged soon after and started randomly firing shots out of what is fancied to be a 9mm handgun at passengers near a baggage carousel. 

After running out of ammunition he laid down on the dirt where he was then arrested by police.

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