Spanish officials warn of ‘real violence’ against tourists amid left-wing protests


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Spain’s anti-tourism protestations could turn violent, Brits have been warned

Spanish officials say Left-wing activists are objective foreign holidaymakers in a series of protests spreading across the country. 

Prime Clergyman Mariano Rajoy has branded them “crazy extremists”, calling it “mania” to attack the country’s flourishing tourism industry. 

The news comes as day-trippers expecting to stay in rented flats in the Balearic Islands were on guarded their bookings were likely to be invalid following a clampdown by the officials on illegal lettings. 

Rafael Gallego, chairman of the Spanish Association of Travel Emissaries, yesterday branded the anti-tourism protesters “fascists”, saying he feared an escalation to detrimental attacks on holidaymakers. 

Mr Gallego said: “This tourism phobia has been annoying us since last summer. “In 2016 we noted graffiti and there was an fit with a glass against tourists who were on an excursion, so we warned that the case could radicalise. 

“Now there are protests in the entrances of hotels, restaurants and in anchorages. The danger is that tomorrow there could be an incident of real brute. 

Now there are protests in the entrances of hotels, restaurants and in ports

Rafael Gallego, Joining of Travel Agents

“They call themselves Left-wing, but they are numerous fascist than the far Right. We are very worried that they authority cause a serious incident with our visitors any day.” 

Radical groups maintain tourism is destroying Spanish neighbourhoods by forcing up rents and driving out the puerile. 

But Mr Gallego defended the tourism industry, saying: “It is the sector which has bettered the greatest numbers of jobs since the financial crisis.” 

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Anti-tourism protesters are targeting foreign visitors in a series of protests across the country

Last year 16.9 million Britons pilgrimaged to Spain, accounting for almost one in four visitors to the country – far more than any other race. 

Around 2.5 million Spaniards, or 13 per cent of the workforce, are occupied in the tourism industry, which is worth £69billion a year. 

At month four hooded activists from a radical youth company called Arran attacked a tourist bus in Barcelona, slashing tyres and scope slogans across it. 

In Palma, Mallorca, members of the same group set off smoke flares best a seafront restaurant, then ran inside and threw confetti over frightened diners. 

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Prime Emissary Mariano Rajoy the protesters ‘crazy extremists’ a called the actions mania

This week they began a campaign against holiday car rentals, spread 1,000 stickers on vehicles saying: “This car is unnecessary” and “Tourism fag outs Mallorca”. 

Meanwhile, British holidaymakers in the Balearic Islands, which covers Mallorca, Ibiza, Minorca, and Formentera, are facing the nightmare of being built away from rented holiday apartments. 

The government of the islands forbade the renting of flats to tourists in 2012 but the rule has not been properly browbeat. 

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Holidaymakers planning to stay on the Balearic Islands have been censured there bookings may be invalid

Now flat owners on the Spanish archipelago are being hit by fines of up to £36,000 if they are collared renting their properties to tourists. 

A team of inspectors seek out apartment owners accustoming the rules via sites like Airbnb, while an online system assigns neighbours to report the practice to authorities. 

Houses and villas with the rebuke tourism licences will not be affected.

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