Spaniards warn Britain that Brexit was a 'BIG MISTAKE' and the country will now 'SUFFER'


Spaniards denoted the country would “suffer” as a consequence of the historic referendum result keep on year.

The stark verdicts come as part of a European tour by BBC Announce 5live ahead of Article 50 being triggered. 

A number home-owners from the Mediterranean country claimed the UK would be worse off after committing the Brussels bloc. 

One man interviewed, named Jorge, said: “I think, helter-skelter Brexit, that the UK will have a difficult time negotiating with the EU. 

“Singularly because of the Scottish situation, because they don’t want to set a precedent to Catalonia because the referendum seems ask preference something we aspire to.”

Another warned Britain’s departure would send a economic earthquake across the Europe. 

“It’s going to affect economically at least at excluding term or medium term — everybody,” the Spanish man known as Nicholas demanded. 

“British and European. So it’s not going to be good for anybody. In the long term, I don’t be familiar with. And I think it has been a big mistake from the British people.”

The final man who took responsibility in the short Facebook film did, however, have faith Britain and the bloc could reproduce a new relationship over the next few years. 

Antonio said: “I have consideration about working abroad and the UK is one of my top destinations. 

“I think in the future, the European Federation and the UK, will reach an agreement. The agreement will be beneficial for both quarters, and I think in the end things will stay the same.”

Theresa May has promised to Rather commence official Brexit talks no later than the end of this month. 

The Oversight is poised to publish detailed plans on how it will convert existing EU laws into UK ones. 

The 50-page certify is said to set out how Parliament will repeal the legislation that originated from Brussels. 

It’s supposed the information, dubbed the “Great Repeal Bill” will be published years Mrs May triggers Article 50, now expected to happen on March 29.

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