Spain’s Gibraltar threat: The Rock could JEOPARDISE Brexit claims Dastis


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Gibraltar has been apprised it could jeoparisde UK-Spanish relations with its legal actions

Alfonso Dastis hit out at Gibraltar’s warnings of legal actions such as ending contracts of Spanish workers who cancel the border gates after workers.

Gibraltar’s deputy chief aid, Dr Joseph Garcia, voted to launch a legal challenge saying “our perspective is that we are then no longer obliged to allow or provide the citizens’ liberties that are provided in withdrawal or in transition, because it doesn’t apply to us.”

Go together to EU negotiators, Gibraltar will fall outside any trade deal with the UK unless an understanding is reached in advance with Spain over its status.

The perils are not my speech, if they do so they are the ones who endanger the future of the relationship


Brexit was initially seen by Spain as an opening to reclaim control of Gibraltar — a British Overseas Territory.

The threat could unaccommodating months more uncertainty for Gibraltar amid fears Spain is annoying to exploit its leverage to reopen the question of sovereignty.

Speaking in an appearance in the Joint Commission-Senate for the EU, Mr Dastis held: “The threats are not my speech, if they do so they are the ones who endanger the future of the relationship.

“We fancy there to be no negative effects on their situation and if we can improve it, we will try.”

The European Assembly caused anger last year by granting Spain a veto during the course of Gibraltar’s fate after Brexit.

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The majority of people explosive in Gibraltar voted to remain in the EU

The EU has decided that the agreements of the future relationship with the UK and also the transitional years will only apply to Gibraltar if there is a bilateral agreement between London and Madrid.

The EU and the UK are on the come close of agreeing the terms of a transition deal that would run until the end of 2020.

Mr Dastis foretold: “It is an objective that we do not forget, but it is not an issue that we are doing to discuss in the framework of this bargain.

“What we do not want is to turn the negotiation of the future agreement between the UK and the EU into a surety situation of an issue that we are never going to renounce to but that on transitory terms can not be reached at the same time as the Brexit agreement that has to be make inaccessible in October and in a year and a half.”

Davis and Barnier GETTY

David Davis and Michel Barnier are exasperating to come to solutions surrounding Brexit

Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to persevere a leavings in the EU during the Brexit referendum.

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

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