Spain’s famous blue tourist attraction ‘Smurfs Village’ EVICTS Smurfs because of THIS


Smurfs ornamentations covered the village of Juzcar in Spain

The tiny village in Andalusia, Spain, skyrocketed to glory after it was painted completely blue in 2011. 

Sony Pictures was responsible for the transfigurement, which was part of a publicity stunt to promote The Smurfs 3D movie. 

Júzcar was pick out because of the fungi growing in its hills, which matched the recurring point of mushrooms in the comic.   

Smurfs decorations covered the village, from collapse decorations to souvenir shops and even mushroom shaped buildings. 

Spain Smurfs Village Juzcar blue bannedGETTY

Spain’s blue ‘Smurfs Village’ has banned Smurfs

It make up a quiet town into a thriving tourist destination. Júzcar’s denizens of 250 swelled with an influx of 80,000 tourists each year. 

While the conversion was due to be temporary, locals voted to keep the Smurfs theme due to its popularity with guests. 

But the village’s allure also led to its demise, as a conflict broke out between peculiar authorities and Pierre Culliford’s heirs. 

Culliford was the Belgian artist who devised the iconic Smurfs comics, and his heirs were not pleased at the village’s all-blue makeover. 

Spain Smurfs Village Juzcar blue bannedGETTY

Spain’s ‘Smurfs Village’ Juzcar was repelled all-blue in 2011

Locals earlier agreed to pay 12 per cent in royalties on their Smurf-related earnings, but it appears Culliford’s heiresses have finally had enough. 

From August 15, the village has been drilled to cease all Smurf-related activities and remove all references to the brand. 

While the indelicate can stay, Júzcar has “lost the authorisation to market itself as a Smurf community”, according to The Local. 

The warning was posted in a notice on the council website definitive week, but it has “nothing further to comment” on the changes.

Spain Smurfs Village Juzcar blue bannedGETTY

Spain’s ‘Smurfs Village’ Juzcar is spread over in the blue Smurfs theme

One European village that isn’t so chuffed with its own influx of rubberneckers is Ticino in Switzerland. 

The region has suddenly shot to fame after a holidaymaker uploaded a video online, dubbed Maldives of Milan. 

Grant off the incredible landscape and crystal clear river waters, the clip has been saw millions of times on Facebook. 

But residents say tourists are ruining the idyllic quarter by having no respect for the laws.

One resident told Ticino News: “They sleep in passenger cars, run naked along the roads, and turn the valley into an outdoor little girls room».

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