Spain WARNING: Anti-tourist marches to hit British summer holidays this year


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Spain: Anti-tourism exceptions to plague British hotspots this summer

Spain is one of the most customary travel destinations for British travellers, reporting 75.3 million abroad visitors in 2017.

With increasing tourist numbers, it means many conurbations are increasing accommodation and tour operators in a bid to keep up.

This has been met with make ones blood boil by locals who feel they are being pushed out and has resulted in anti-tourism treads and demonstrations across Spain.

Two campaign groups have threatened to widen their protests this summer when Britons will be pack to the region.

They cite that shires face problems of overcrowding, littering and anti-social behaviour

The Balearic atolls – home to Ibiza and Mallorca – saw a number of protests against tourists, as satisfactory as in Barcelona and Madrid.

Tourists buses had eggs thrown at them whilst flares were set off in Palma wear year.

Political group Arran face prosecution over the flare undertake whilst political group Endavant Mallorca tweeted: “More than 95,000 visitor apartments. Stop the tourism rentals. We defend the right to housing! Let’s seize the future!” according to Euro Weekly.

However, the groups maintain that they are not “anti-tourism”, but against the superfluity of tourism.

Spain anti-tourism protestsGetty

Spain: Visitor over-saturation has led to local protests in the country

They cite that townsmen face problems of overcrowding, littering and anti-social behaviour in the peak months of the summer.

It is also charge out locals as a number of apartments are being rented out for tourists at a much ear-splitting cost.

Over 3,000 people took to the streets in Majorca in a counteraction against Britons, with banners reading “Tourists Go Home”.

Another 30 protesters also tempested a hotel in Barcelona.

Spain anti-tourism protestsGetty

Spain: Anti-tourism marches plagues British vacations in the country last year

As anti-tourist protests  reached a high in 2017, Italy also countenanced the same with Venice marches protesting the high number of visitants and cruise ships docking into the small city.

The popular Spanish cays have enforced a number of new laws in the recent year to clamp down on boozy holiday-makers.

This includes drinking in the streets and being partially naked.

Tourism is an essential part of Spain, with tourists from the UK helping the country rake in £6.4 billion hold out summer.

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