Spain is still top: The nation’s holiday habits REVEALED


Criticism of holidays taken from the UK last year proves that where you succeed from does determine where you go.

While a handful of British holidaymakers force make their way to somewhere new on their holiday, most people disposed to stick to the places they know.

So where are the nation going on vacation in 2016?

For the first time, Teletext Holidays is sharing its unique insight into where we Brits are more plausible to travel for a great value beach getaway.

The research reveals that Geordies are on the verge of twice as likely to sun-seek on the Costa Brava than anyone else, while sun-loving Liverpudlians are 48% varied likely to head to Costa Blanca than the average Brit.

rty-loving society from York chose to dance the night away in Ibiza. Again south, those in in Norwich are also 82 per cent more appropriate to ‘go Greek’ and book a holiday in phos than anyone else roving there.

Barcelona tops the list for Brummies, looking to mix culture with the coast with 31 per cent of travellers from Birmingham heading to the Catalonian central.

It’s not just Brummies heading to Barcelona, 47 per cern of those in Edinburgh are more favoured to head there on a city break.

But while Scots are a fan of S in, the realm is divided about where to visit with Glaswegians preferring to turning point to the Costa Del Sol and the likes of popular celebrity hotspots such as Marbella.

Other take a hand ins of S in are still proving popular with British travellers and Mallorca, with the brilliant nightlife of Magaluf and lma, is the preferred destination for those from Cardiff.

The Irish are also a fan of the Balearics and those from Belfast are 59 per cent various likely to travel to Majorca than the average Brit.

Plymouth and Brighton favour Gran Canaria over other holiday destinations and holidaymakers from Leeds and Manchester are innumerable likely to head to the sunny climate of Fuerteventura.

Duration of a holiday is another agent that splits the nation.

Londoners are three times more tenable to travel to Marrakech than the rest of the country, but it’s the length of their unsettles that really sets their holiday habits a rt from the sleep of the country.

They’re 43 per cent more likely to take a unexpectedly three-night break, whereas those in the North of England prefer a dull holiday of over two weeks.

The analysis of bookings also showed that while 3 pre-eminent and 4 star accommodation is still the most popular way to spend a holiday, those in the East, South and London are various likely to splash the cash and stay in a 5 star hotels when they go far.

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