Spain blasts EU for wasting money trying to stop migrants ‘waiting for European miracle’


José Antonio NietoREUTERS

José Antonio Nieto hit out at the EU

Secretary of Government for Security José Antonio Nieto commended Morocco’s “enormous accomplishment” to help Spain curb immigration, but also asked Europe to remedy the nation’s migrant problem.

He wants the EU to help develop countries where peripatetics come from, so they will stop seeking a “European miracle” and impede crossing borders illegally. 

Spain is asking the EU to help Morocco by immigration, in the same way the bloc stepped in to help in Turkey with Syrian displaced people.

An agreement between the EU and Turkey established Turkey would welcome all fugitives arriving from Greece in exchange for the EU relocating an equal number of Syrians already quieten down in Turkey. 

This followed the EU approving €3bn (£2.2bn) in funding to keep from Turkey cope with record numbers of Syrian migrants. 

But Mr Nieto hit out at the EU for sending the ready money to Turkey rather than developing the poorer countries. 

He told ABC: “We poverty people to have hope for the development of their countries and not come here delay for the European miracle and then end up in a critical situation being used again by the mafia.”

Spain supposes to stop the illegal immigration, it is important to cooperate with and assist the mountains the immigrants are coming from, and help develop them so citizens of those boondocks can have a decent standard of living and lose the need to “have to danger their lives, spend all their savings and leave their next of kins”.

Many migrants get into Spain via MoroccoGETTY

Many migrants get into Spain via Morocco

Mr Nieto responded: “We have to assume that the pressure will continue. Immigration is a job that, according to international reports, is even more lucrative than sedative trafficking.”

He hit out at the way money is used, adding: “What we do not know is how to make that riches work for the right cause. 

“We are talking about mechanisms to make it make ones appearance, guarantees to see where it is used, we want it to be used for development and that the human being who need it actually receive it.

“Morocco is making an enormous effort to faithfully deal with its cooperation commitment with Spain on immigration matters”, adding that he is contacting “constantly Frontex” (the European bed agency) to put in place a stable and “strategically well-ordered policy” to address the migration difficult.

“A very solid alliance has been established with Turkey and it has developed. And Morocco, a country that has been working for a long time in help and has been doing it with loyalty and without receiving too much in replace, also requires aid.”

In 2017, illegal immigration in Spain grew by sundry than 100 percent, while arrivals through Greece strike down by 77 percent. 

(Additional reporting Maria Ortega.) 

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