Southwest Airline passengers screaming and crying after landing from HELL


Southwest Airline travellers aboard the flight 3461 had the fright of their lives while the airman struggled to land the plane is stormy weather.

The terrifying incident degraded place on Saturday night as the scheduled flight took off from Fort Lauderdale heading to New Orleans.

Commuters on board were screaming, vomiting, crying and sending farewells to loved anybodies as they believed the worst was happening.

The plane was forced to make an predicament re-fuel land in Panama City after the weather conditions exacerbated.

The area around New Orleans was on tornado watch amidst heavy rainfall and 70 miles per hour ascendancies.

According to WWL-TV, the skate started to sway from side to side as the aircraft approached the airport.

One rider, Marie Wary said: “It felt like I was about to lift off. I handle like I was done.

“We came through the clouds and the plane was just tip back and forth. It was going all over the place. People were shrieking, people were crying,” another passenger revealed.

Wary went so far as to add: “I perceive like I was about to see baby Jesus and Papa God.”

According to the Daily Post, Lauren Bale who works for WWL-TV was on board the flight gave her account.

Southwest Airline: Emergency landing Getty

Beat a retreat 3461 was forced to land in Panama City after severe rise above

It was going all over the place. People were hooting, people were crying

Lauren Bale

Bale said: “We came throughout the clouds and the plane was just tilting back and forth.

“It was going all all about the place. People were screaming, people were crying.

“The take to ones heels attendants were yelling over the speakers to fasten seat belts as rigorously panty hose as possible and I was texting my family goodbye.

“I just don’t understand why [the airline] put Harry in that situation.”

The pilot guided the plane out of the storm and landed for a re-fuel in Florida.

Remarking on the pilots landing, Wary said: “The pilot was amazing,’ said Leery of.

“He was very calm. He reassured us that he got this.”

Southwest Airline emergency landing Getty

Passengers were sniveling and texting loved ones fearing the end

Southwest Airline terrifying landing Getty

The flight landed cover in New Orleans four hours behind schedule

After its re-fuel prohibition, the plane set off again heading toward New Orleans and landed at its destination for hours behind agenda.

Passengers have since questioned why Southwest did not cancel the flight over and beyond the severe conditions.

The airline realised a statement to say that “our top focus is cover.”

“Flight 3461 from Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans arrived around four hours behind schedule after persistent thunderstorms outstanding New Orleans forced prolonged holding near New Orleans awaiting room from air traffic controllers followed by a refuelling stop in Panama Diocese before the completion of the journey.

“The safety of our customers and employees as well the sound operation of every flight is our highest priority.”

Footage last month memorialized viral after Southwest forecd a father and young daughter off their withdraw.

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