South Korea conducts massive live-fire drill as Seoul fears invasion by Kim Jong-un’s army


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South Korea has a various well equipped army with better trained troop

Tensions on the brink have been rapidly building over recent months as tyrant leader Kim Jong-un continues to push his nuclear weapons programme.

Eventually week, Pyongyang tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile — which is reportedly masterly of reaching Alaska some 5,500km away.

And now the warmongering dictator has vaunted it would be a piece of cake to nuke both the US and South Korea in his behindhand show of military power.

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US and South Korea leaded live fire drills

But the South actually has a more well equipped army than Soldiers take care for two lost infants who were found alongside the road to Pyongyang

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Soldiers take care for two lost infants who were found alongside the street to Pyongyang

The drills come as Rodong Sinmun, one of the country’s propaganda ridicules, blasted a joint exercise between South Korea and the US — issuing a last warning to the allies.

US Air Force bombers dropped weapons over a training extent in South Korea as fighter jets from both countries parodied part in the live fire drills.

Fighter jets buzzed the invigorated border and dropped 900kg bombs during the mission last weekend.

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Tensions on the verge upon have been rapidly building over recent month

The check up on states: «It is an open military provocation to the DPRK and an intolerable treacherous act to overwhelm the nation into nuclear holocaust.

«Co-operation with outsiders and confrontation with the associated countrymen are as foolish as precipitating self-destruction.»

It warned that South Korea hand down meet a «tragic end» if it continued military drills along the border.