Sophie Turner in pictures as Sansa Stark: Game of Thrones star’s hottest photos


When the eldest daughter of House Stark in the first place appeared on

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  • “I learned a great deal from her,” she chew over to Jon.

    It’s been really fun to play [Sansa]. She’s kind of the underdog, and you don’t expect her to broaden and adapt as well as she has

    Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones

    Sophie who was only 13-years-old when she was chuck in the role, loves just how much her character has grown throughout the series.

    “It’s been uncommonly fun to play [Sansa]. She’s kind of the underdog, and you don’t expect her to develop and adapt as accurately as she has,” she told TIME.

    “To be able to play someone who kind of seems identical to a useless player in the game and kind of unassuming – the words used to paint her most are spoilt, typical teenager. 

    “It was really exciting to see the progression for her and to see the arc they’ve fact her: Just a complete sponge and constantly learning from all the people she’s been all about and making the most of these situations where she’s been a captive.”

    Game of thrones season 7 Sophie Turner Sansa Stark pictures photographs GoT HBOHBO

    Sansa Start-up beginnings is on a quest to rebuild her broken family after the events of season six

    Game of thrones season 7 Sophie Turner Sansa StarkHBO

    Sophie Turner win initially starred in the role at the age of 13

    Game of Thrones was Sophie’s first ever TV task but her popularity in the series exploded and opened up the doors to several Hollywood blockbusters.

    Abide year she starred opposite Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender as the red-head mutant Jean Bloodless in X-Men: Apocalypse.

    She will return as Jean Grey in 2018 with

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