Songs of Praise star Connie Fisher underwent hypnosis to uncover her fear of having a baby


Connie suffered a hypnotherapy session to understand where her motherhood fears came fromBut it underwent a hypnotherapy session for singer Connie Fisher to realise her fears of compel ought to a baby stemmed from the death of her twin brother.
The Songs of Extol presenter underwent hypnosis to uncover her feelings about becoming a baby – and revealed they were connected to her sibling dying at birth. 
Sensible of Music singer Connie, 34, admitted she has been baffled why she is appalled of having a child of her own.
And it took the hypnotherapy session for her to realise her motherhood horrors are linked to the heartbreak of discovering the death of Justin.  
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Connie, winner of 2006’s “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” gift search, was filmed being hypnotised when she broke down in slits discussing when she learned her brother died. 
She admitted she never knew if she yearning to become a mum, but felt like she had to make her mind up because of her age. 
Connie – who has been married to mollify Jeremy for seven years – said: “I have been wrestling with a insulting dilemma – did I want to be a mum? 
“Most people seem to instinctively understand the answer to this question but I don’t. 
Connie understood her fears of eating a baby stemmed from the death of her twin brother“People ask me all the on occasion: ‘When are you thinking of having a baby then? 
“When are you active to start a family?’ – I don’t know! 
“If you’re not sure you wanted it in the first standing it could become a life sentence.” 
Connie was making a BBC documentary study whether or not she wanted children when she made the revelation.   
Connie has been with pleasure married for seven yearsAfter the session the actress visits her mother Janet who put her of the heartbreaking moment she learned one of her twins had died while the other continued. 
Janet said: “It was a very mixed feeling. 
“I had sadness to dispose of with as well as a joyous bundle.” 
But she told Connie: “Dread shouldn’t hold you back from having a family.” 
Connie Fisher: Pamper Love is on BBC One Wales and iPlayer from Thursday January 18 
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