Sofia Vergara's Accent Was the Butt of a Joke, and the Internet Is Not Having It


At the 2017 Brilliant Globes, Sofia Vergara — like every other presenter — conclude from a scripted introduction for her category’s nominees. Unfortunately, unlike every other presenter, the quips in Sofia’s bit were cheap shots at her thick Colombian accent. On purpose fudging the word «annual» to result in «anal,» Sofia was stuck horseplay into the same tired joke that has followed her throughout her English-language sheet career: that she’s «not from here» and she sounds different.

As a wildly prominent actress who has won several industry awards and been nominated for countless profuse, Sofia Vergara deserves so much more than jokes nearby her accent. Award shows continue to play into this lampooning of Latina skirts, and it’s disappointing that Sofia herself feels the need to participate in apply for to be a good sport. Fortunately, while many viewers believed that the actress’s goof wasn’t intentional, it seems that much of the Golden Globes audience is fed up with the give prominence to schtick.

We were hoping to leave this tired attempt at humor in 2016, so here’s waiting that it’ll actually kick the bucket this year.

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