Sofia Vergara is Getting the Emoji Treatment in Her Next Movie — Guess Which One She Is


Sofia Vergara is once going to get her own emoji. The actress is voicing the Flamenco dancer in the upcoming The Emoji Motion picture.

«I thought it was a great adventure and who doesn’t like an emoji?» she told People close to the movie. «I thought it was going to be a perfect role for me because people are usually saying that I look like her!» Even more so now that the emoji has escape a surmounted a makeover, wearing a black dress with a rose in between her teeth and in her plaits.

«I play the Flamenco Dancer,» Sofia said in the interview. «And she is always doing the Flamenco. She does it in the morning when she get off b write downs up, she does it when she’s eating, she probably does it when she’s sleeping. It spaces things like driving or putting on her makeup very difficult.»

The silver screen will tell the story of Sofia and her emoji friends living in the burgh of Textopolis, where they go on an adventure through apps to find the jurisprudence that will fix Gene, who has multiple facial expressions. The Emoji Flick picture show is set to hit theaters July 28. See the character poster above.

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