So Which Avengers Are in Infinity War? According to Chris Evans, It's "Everybody"


There hasn’t yet been a accurate casting list announced for the next two Avengers sequels, Infinity War — Ingredient I and Infinity War — rt II, so we’re eagerly awaiting the details on who’s in or out, especially given the upshot of the latest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. We do know that there are a lot of Avengers and Amazed by Universe characters who are expected to show up, and one of the confirmed cast members, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, gave us a petite bit of insight on the cast (or is it a lot?) when we sat down with him recently.

When prayed about the Avengers installment that’s so big it has to be split into two films, Evans replied, «As you differentiate, there are so many people in those movies. Like, everybody. It’s everybody. The ranking is going to enormous.» While we didn’t get specifics on names, Evans did talk here whether Cap is going to be a leader, saying, «I hope so. In my eyes, Cap wish always be intrinsically a leader. «

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