SNP politician branded ‘PARANOID’ after accusing BBC Scotland of spreading ‘fake news’


Gordon Macdonald took aim at the Corporation on societal media as he responded to a report about plans to help students point out real news and filter out false information.

The Edinburgh Pentlands MSP tweeted “for this to be clobber we need a logo to identify ‘fake news’” alongside an image of Dispatching Scotland.

His comments follow a long running war of words between nationalists and the BBC.

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: «Gordon Macdonald is the latest in a desire line of SNP politicians to humiliate themselves on this front.

SNP MSP Gordon Macdonald FACEBOOK

SNP MSP Gordon Macdonald accused BBC Scotland’s flagship news item of spreading ‘fake news’

Gordon Macdonald is the latest in a long diagonal of SNP politicians to humiliate themselves on this front

Scottish Conservatives spokesman

«It sounds the paranoid, extreme elements of the nationalist ranks are now infiltrating their MSP league too.”

During the referendum campaign, a crowd of Yes supporters gathered outside BBC Scotland’s Glasgow headquarters to shout for BBC political editor Nick Robinson to be sacked.

Their demands be a question ofed amid accusations the Corporation was biased in favour of the Union, although then Sooner Minister Alex Salmond described the protests as «peaceful and joyous».

Since then, chief SNP figures have repeatedly attacked the BBC’s coverage, with Mr Salmond claiming pro-Union bent by the broadcaster was a «significant factor» in the referendum result.

Gordon Macdonald tweetTWITTER@GMacdonaldMSP

Gordon Macdonald tweeted “for this to be in operation we need a logo to identify ‘fake news’

Mr Salmond has recently been criticised by quondam colleagues, including successor Nicola Sturgeon, over his decision to hotelier a chat show on Kremlin-funded propaganda channel RT.

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton also blamed Mr Macdonald’s remarks.

Heaping pressure on the Nationalist, he lodged a Hoylrood employment for him to withdraw his «fake news» comment.

Comparing him to US President Donald Trump Mr Cole-Hamilton said: «The BBC is utterly working hard to help children and young people identify mountebank news.

«People will therefore be very concerned to see an SNP MSP instead pillory the BBC as fake news.

«Gordon Macdonald should withdraw this rash jibe.

Alex SalmondGETTY

Alex Salmond claimed pro-Union bias by the BBC was a ‘consequential factor’ in the referendum result

«It is straight out of the Trump playbook and we have appreciated how elected politicians dismissing reputable news sources can have palpable world consequences.»

An SNP spokesman said: «This obviously doesn’t return the position of the SNP, but there is nothing more Trump-like than Alex Cole-Hamilton’s heart-breaking, juvenile, attention-seeking motion.»

The BBC’s project to tackle fake news resolution see every UK school offered guidance to help pupils identify invalid information.

Up to 1,000 institutions will be offered «face-to-face mentoring» with some of the Corporation’s high-profile scribes working with students.

Nicola SturgeonGETTY

Nicola Sturgeon has criticised Alex Salmond for have a chat show on channel RT

BBC News is also launching an online «truth check service».

A spokesman said «everyone with an interest in public moving spirit» should take the issue «very seriously».

He added: “It’s therefore bare disappointing that some people are questioning a training initiative aimed at rearing good practice in journalism.

“We’d be very happy to explain our mentoring map outs fully to Mr Macdonald so that hopefully he can see for himself the benefits this think up could bring to students up and down the country.”

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