Small business owners risk PRISON over failing to pay business rate bills


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Humble business owners risk prison over failing to pay business kind bills

Courts in England and Wales handed down 54 lock-up sentences of up to 90 days on business owners for non-payment of rates to the end of Tread, up from 52 the previous year, according to figures by CVS. 

The figures bump into b pay up as businesses struggling with crippling rate bill hikes since the polemical recent revaluation in April are being warned to pay up or face prison. 

One local authority in Hambleton, North Yorkshire said in August it was fire legal proceedings for committal to prison for business owners who fail to pay a rates in arrears. 

CVS, which uncovered the figures through a Freedom of Information request to the Church elders of Justice, said small business owners are most at risk from eclipse cascade behind with debt payments. 


54 confinement sentences of up to 90 days were handed out to business owners for non-payment of positions

While limited companies can be placed in administration if they are unable to pay such dues, sole traders can ultimately face prison. 

The recent business bawl outs revamp has seen firms across the UK hit with soaring bills after the value of real estates has rocketed since the last overhaul seven years ago. 

CVS CEO Mark Rigby swayed: “It is the only tax not related to the ability to pay, so it places both a disproportionate financial and juridical burden on sole traders.”

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