SLEEP WARNING: Weekend lie-ins ‘are BAD for the brain’


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Long lie-ins at the weekend to catch up on sleep is bad for the brain

The fulfil hard, play hard lifestyle for millions of young adults notes late nights and early starts in the week – with a chance to show up up for it on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

But this is slowing down the brain’s adeptness to process information, concentrate on tasks and be mentally creative. 

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A study found it soporifics down the brain’s ability to process information

And the more varied the drop pattern, the worse the subject’s cognitive functions, found neuroscientists at the catnap laboratory of Baylor University, Texas. 

When completing term jobs, students restrict sleep, then rebound on sleep, then recount

Professor Michael Scullin

Interior design students in the study were acknowledged digital wristbands to monitor their brain functions and sleep formations. 

Study leader Professor Michael Scullin told the Journal of Private Design: “The more variability they showed in their night-tonight drowse, the worse their cognition declined across the week.”

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Neuroscientists found the more varied the sleep pattern, the worse the cognitive charges

Short sleeps in the week investigated by long lie ins at the weekend were particularly harmful to their mental acting, he told the Journal of Interior Design.

He added: «When completing qualifications projects, students restrict sleep, then rebound on sleep, then replication.»

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